Artmire's Message

As an arborist and tree care service provider, I feel obligated to share this information with every client and potential client: In this industry, Insurance is imperative.

Dealing with trees, especiallyhazardous trees, puts each of us in a dangerous situation. There is potential risk not only to us, but to you, your property, your neighbor, and even people you don't know who may be passing by the job. It is mandatory we take into consideration over 30 different factors to ensure the project is performed properly and most importantly, SAFELY.

Our commitment to our clients and our industry is re-enforced with our insurance coverage. We invest large sums of money in order to protect our clients, as well as our employees. For your protection, always verify the contractor hired provides financial and legal protection for you as well as their employees. If they do not have Workers Compensation and Commercial General Liability, you are taking an enormous risk employing their service.

We have Workers Compensation, Commercial General Liability, Contractors Auto, and Umbrella. Our coverage is based on actual tree service work (which includes workers off of the ground, not just landscape coverage). Once you request an estimate, a copy of our insurance will be attached with it.

Home owners Insurance will not cover an accident, should one occur. If your contractor is not properly insured, the home owner and the constractor will get to handle the lawsuit and expenses of financial liability. It is always a good idea to consult with your insurance agent annually, regarding your covereage's as well as these liability issues.

If you choose to not employ us, we urge you to verify that who ever you employ.. that they are adequately covered with the proper insurance. It is better to be safe than sorry.