Protect Your Land From Erosion

Artmire Urban Forestry offers erosion control services for your Tyler, TX property

Erosion Control in Tyler, TX

Signs of soil erosion:

Soil is not meant to be bare, or uncovered in any degree. During projects involving a large plot of land, it is inevitable to run into erosion problems. There are many causes of soil erosion, some of which fall into the following new construction categories:

  • Wet ponds
  • New lake sites
  • Dams
  • Ranch Improvements
  • Construction projects
  • Hillsides
  • Extreme slopes

Any of these can be highly erodible and become a living nightmare if bare ground is not handled properly. It can cause significant terrain shifts, drainage issues and weaken the structural integrity of your landscape. Don't let your yard fall victim to these ill effects. If there is soil I can stabilize it and grow grass on it.

Our basic program is ground prep as needed, initial seeding of desired species of grass, and liberal application of hay covering to at risk erodible areas. Some projects are yet over seeded a second time to allow seed to integrate down into the hay, resulting in denser germination results. This is required on certain types of areas. The results are exceptional! Artmire Urban Forestry, LLC can turn it green like no other. Give us a call today at 903-581-4766 to keep erosion off your land.

We also handle:

  • Silt fence installation
  • Revegetation projects
  • Gabion walls
  • Creek stabilization
  • Retention ponds
  • Native grass and forbes
  • Low water crossings
  • Extreme Slope stabilization

If we can get our equipment to it, then we can get Grass growing on your projects. Call Artmire Urban Forestry, LLC for efficient erosion control services. We can plant vegetation, build retaining walls and improve drainage on your property to prevent flooding and soil compaction. Maintain a healthy yard with Artmire Urban Forestry of Tyler, TX. Contact us at 903-581-4766 to schedule a consultation.

Erosion Images - please click to enlarge

Erosion Control in Tyler, TX

Initial germination of winter grasses emerging through hay at lake project

Erosion Control in Tyler, TX

Mix of Rye, Oats , winter wheat coming up through 3" thick mat of hay

Erosion Control in Tyler, TX

Grading, seeded, moderate hay application at highly erodible new construction pond site.

Erosion Control in Tyler, TX

Sloped Bank Stabilized with Boulder sized Rip- Rap- voids filled with smaller rock and gravel.....

Erosion Control in Tyler, TX

All areas completely germinated
With base layer of hay mulch still intact.... this scenario of erosion control/ revegetation works well in many applications .

Erosion Control in Tyler, TX

Early stages of germination