Have a hazardous tree hanging around your yard?

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Trees play a major role in our environments , at our homes, businesses, schools, churches, and more. Optimum stewardship is to manage them always for safety and health. This boils down to monitoring and addressing all issues that effect tree health and put trees into risk categories.
At-risk trees all have a target. Artmire Urban Forestry can do site inspections. This can include:

  • Visual inspections
  • Advanced assessments
  • Roots inspection
  • Tissue decay
  • Tree cavities
  • Canopy inspections

These things are inspected to find facts based on detailed observations. Tree Safety and health of the tree is always the #1 priority at Artmire Urban Forestry! Call us today for an inspection and tree plan to keep your yard safe! 

Shelf Fungi development at lower main stem. Decayed wood tissue is evident- likely root system decay as well.

Close up of Shelf fungi - these are the fruiting body of the fungi -good visual barometer to realize a tree has issues going on.

Tree Cavity.

180 degrees of main stem looked fine. Tree had excellent biological function then the backside is a complete structural nightmare.

Large primary limb directly over house- Wall thickness in some areas was only 1/2" managing hazard issues of our clients trees is a priority.

This Fungi-development prompted a root inspection that yielded discovery of 70% of structural root system in various stages of decay.

The tree is in advanced decline and a hazard to your property.

Close up showing pitch tubes from several species of insect colonization in this Slash pine

Trees growing close to targets, or areas with high usage - high density of people definitely merit addressing health and safety for everyone's sake! After inspection we painstakingly removed all dead wood, damaged
>limbs, a few hangers

Here's a good example of what damage an At risk tree can do to a house.Smith county Tx

Mushrooms, Conks, Baccidiocarps, etc can tell you there are problems.

Limb failure in Smith Co. Tx

150 year old Post Oak very close to an intersection-sadly I condemned this tree too great a risk . 70% of root system was decayed.

Beautiful Blue jack Oak killed from weed and feed toxicity.

Hypoxylon spore still clinging to this Oak.

Rare image of trees reproducing

Shelf fungi , it was big enough you can stand on it. Cherokee county, Texas. Root system was engulfed with decay.

Evidence of heavy insect activity

Crane Removal- Flint Texas. Slow careful lift of 27,000 lbs.

Tornado Damaged tree, Henderson, Texas.

Storm damaged Tree caused massive damage.