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Healthy trees are likely the most valuable landscape asset on your property. Unhealthy trees are the opposite. They can be a liability, hazard and a risk to people and structures. Keeping them healthy and beautiful should be a priority. Our highly trained arborists help to preserve trees in the Tyler, TX area.

Even small, insignificant factors can harm trees, putting them in stress and possible decline. The fact that trees occupy large spaces, both above the ground, and within the soil structure puts them at risk of many negative happenings, including the following reasons:

Irrigation installs
Vehicle traffic
Bare soils
Herbicides, weed killer and synthetic fertilizers
Installation of sod, retaining walls and pavement over CRZ
Loss of surrounding barrier trees
Insect Colonization
Plus, many others

Any and all of these events can and do damage your trees. Sometimes it can be mediated but at times it can't. Also please note that not all trees merit preservation, some trees are structural nightmares and pose severe risk to targets and people. You can have good biological function with a tree but also have a sketchy at-risk tree that is unsafe.

The main goal on preservation projects is to identify the stress issues and then identify and handle any hazards. The next step is to work on improving the soil and grow as many absorbing " feeder roots" as fast as nature allows. Our program usually doubles and triples total mass of absorbing roots in a single season. It's almost a feedlot scenario within the soil. We want roots, beneficial bacteria, microbes, good fungi, and millions of microorganisms, as they all serve productive roles in soil and tree health. Contact the tree care specialists at Artmire Urban Forestry, LLC for a tree checkup. We’re dedicated to promoting tree health and protecting properties from tree damage in the Tyler, Texas area.

If you're concerned with your trees in any regard, call Eric at Artmire Urban Forestry- (903)-581-4766

Tree Preservation in Tyler, TX
Tree Preservation in Tyler, TX
Tree Preservation in Tyler, TX

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