tree pruning in tyler tx

Does your tree need to be pruned? Are your branches dead or decaying?

Call Artmire Urban Forestry for tree trimming & pruning in Tyler, TX

The very best pruning of trees should be hard to notice. Basically, we want your trees as safe, structurally correct, and looking as natural as possible. We work pruning jobs with the best biological interest of your trees in mind, also considering your family's safety and the aesthetic value of the tree. These are the standards at Artmire Urban Forestry!

If you have a tree in your yard that needs to be pruned, we are the guys to call! At Artmire Urban Forestry, we will take care of your property and your tree. Pruning can help the tree grow and help you remove any hazards from the tree.

It is crucial to remove all dead limbs so they don't end up falling on your property or home!

Make an appointment with Artmire Urban Forestry today! Call 903-581-4766.

tree pruning in tyler tx

"Live Oak pruned properly. Clean, no hazards, full canopy nicely shaped. This specimen is still able to fully shade her root zone and difficult to tell it's actually been pruned. Our crew is awesome"