Why Should I Plant my Trees in Winter?

Many people plant everything in the spring, even most Arbor Days throughout the country happen in early spring. While there is no one stopping you, you can plant in the spring. However, the most ISA Certified Arborists, Foresters, and Tree Care Professionals will highly urge you to plant in the Winter. Cooler temperatures, slightly more rainfall, and more time to acclimate makes it significantly easier on the trees to get established and put down new roots before summer arrives.


Trees are dormant in the winter (sleeping). So, this enables them to focus on establishing their root zone in their new “home”. We want an easy transition on your trees and to avoid any unnecessary stress factors that we can.


Planting in the winter, makes it easier not only on your tree, but you and your pocket book as well. It is merely impossible to keep up with the hot summer days and keeping your newly planted tree adequately hydrated in the summer. The sun will soak up any moisture quicker than you are able to give it to your tree and your tree able to soak it up.


We want to see your trees become a legacy, a tree that will last not one life time, but something your kids, grandkids, and great- grandkids can remember how big the tree was when they were younger and how big it has become. So, please call us for additional tips, concerns, questions and anything else and we will be eager to help.



A few things to consider:


What is the sun exposure?

Depending on the tree, some trees need more sun and some trees need only a few hours. We recommend researching and making sure


you place the right tree in the right spot. The last thing we want to see is you wasting your money planting a shade-needing tree, like the Japanese Red Maple in the middle of a yard with no shade.


How large can your favored tree get?


It is no fun, falling in love with a tree that you planted and it grows  into an immaculate tree that is too big for your property and results in a removal. That is why it is crucial to compare potential sizes of trees and see what is best suited for you and your property.


Does your preferred tree grow in your region?


As most plants grow in some areas and not others, trees do as well. Thats why we see tons of Pine Trees in East Texas, but the more North, South, East, and West you travel the species of trees continue to change until you hit the ocean. In East Texas, God gave us a little bit tougher growing conditions. It is vital to choose a tree that is either native or adaptive and will not only grow, but thrive in these growing conditions.